Länk till Alnarp Community's hemsida!

 Den 29 april ordnade Alnarp Communnity ett informationsmöte utanför kårhuset för alla odlingssugna studenter på campuset. Det blev en lyckad tillställning med många deltagare, och det bjöds på soppa gjort av finaste ogräs direkt från parken. Mer härproducerat än så blir det! Efter fortsatte de till trädgården för att bekanta sig med varandra och pyssla om odlingarna lite. För att se vad gänget har för planer framöver – håll koll i kalendern! Alla foton är lånade från Alnarp Community’s hemsida, klicka på någon av bilderna för att komma dit. Här kommer en liten hälsning från gänget;

Info meeting with soup!

First of all: Thank you all for coming today!

We started our meeting, in the sunshine outside the student union house, with a delicious lunch made from local herbs, Aegopodium podagraria, Alium ursinum, and Urtica dioica, from campus 😉

We introduced and spoke of all the wonderful things that students learn, create and enjoy by being a part of Alnarp community. Of course our community garden is the centre for our activities. Here we get practical experience and grow fantastic food.

We’re so happy that students came with ideas of what they would like to do. Great ideas for activities in the garden, workshops and inspiring speakers we should invite! If you have an idea, but you don’t know how to make it happen, contact us and together we can make it happen!

The garden!

Afterwards we went to the garden. Apart from getting to know each other and chatting away we also planted a cherry tree and some exciting potatoes from Nordgen. These were ‘Blå mandel’, ‘Koto’, ‘Lange ride’ and ‘Vestar’. Cross your fingers and we will be able to do a potato tasting next fall! The Hugelbed was reinforced by adding extra compost and we took a daring decision by planting some of our tomato plants straight away. They had outgrown the hot bed long ago! Very soon our small seedlings from the greenhouse will be ready to move into the garden as well!

Thanks to everyone who joined and a special thanks to all the people who made it all possible <3

See you in the garden soon!